The Cooking Challenge

Hello All,

On my way to Rochester with James today I decided I needed something to do while I’m at home for the next month before heading off to NSLC. Recently with too much time on my hands and not any money to go out to eat in Boston with, I have re-realized how much I love cooking. Last summer with the NSLC Culinary program, I was given a taste of the world of cooking by visiting Food Network and some really state of the art cooking facilities in NYC. Additionally, my friend Lily is completely obsessed with cooking, which has kept me consistently nourished with really fine dining on any special occasion.

So here is the task, I am going to search for one recipe to cook and then write about and share on here until I head off to NSLC next month. I’m going to keep everything milk free, I’ll explore recipes from all meals of the day, and I’m going to keep all the recipes to things I’ve never cooked before. I’ll definitely have to use Instagram to share nice filtered pictures for some daily food porn for all of you (hopefully).




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